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How to fast-track your relocation to Canada as a tech worker

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Photo: Unsplash/Jason Hafso

There’s a rising demand for tech workers in Canada. According to a report by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), there will be opportunities for about 305,000 digitally-skilled individuals by 2023.

The industry has been so successful that tech companies were found to actually be growing during the COVID 19 pandemic. Employment levels in the tech industry returned to normal in May 2020 despite the lockdown which affected many other sectors.

The Canadian government is eager to fill these vacancies with skilled immigrants to boost the country’s economy, so there are various initiatives to encourage tech workers to come into the country. Immigration by Express Entry is the most popular route, but some provinces have special programs which can expedite the process. 

The two most significant programs are British Columbia’s Tech Pilot, which was recently made permanent, and Ontario Tech Pilot which is for tech workers in six specific roles. 

British Columbia Tech Pilot

British Columbia’s Tech Program encourages skilled workers to apply for a provincial nomination if they have a full time job offer in one of the 29 eligible occupations. The job offer should be for at least one year. Invitations are sent out every week for qualifying tech workers. 

The 29 eligible occupations under the program include computer and information systems managers, managers in publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts, engineers, computer programmers and interactive media developers, web designers and developers, authors and writers, editors, graphic designers and illustrators etc.

Ontario Tech Pilot

The Ontario Tech Pilot requires applicants to have an Express Entry profile before being considered. The six eligible occupations under this category are software engineers and designers, computer programmers and interactive media developers, computer engineers, web designers and developers, database analysts and data administrators and computer and information systems managers.

Global Talent Stream

Also worthy of note is the Global Talent Stream which allows Canadian employers to hire tech workers and relocate them to Canada in about a month. It is a major part of Canada’s Global Skills Strategy and provides workers with the opportunity to gain temporary residence in the country with the option of eventually making their stay permanent.

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