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5 things to do before going to school in Canada

going to school in canada
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Canada has some of the best universities in the world. There are about 97 universities in Canada which offer high-quality learning for international students. Going to school in Canada is also a great way to start the journey to becoming a permanent resident of the country.

It’s always great to arm yourself with information before making any major life decisions. Therefore, here are five important things you should know before going to school in Canada:

1. Select your schools carefully

When deciding on universities to apply to, make sure you do thorough research. Find out which schools are best for the course you want to study, check reviews of the student experience and also reach out to alumni of the school to know what to expect. It’s tempting to apply to the cheapest schools but this is not advisable. Instead find a school that is aligned with your goals and still offers courses at a competitive rate. You should also make sure that the schools you choose are Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs). DLIs are schools that are authorized to admit international students.

2. Choose more than one school

No matter how excited about a particular school, it’s advisable to choose two or three to apply to. It’s always best to have a variety of choices so you can make a more informed decision. Also, applying to more than one school increases your chances of being accepted to at least one. 

3. Choose your desired intake

Canadian universities offer three intakes; fall, winter and spring/summer. These are based on the time of the year that students resume. The fall intake starts in September, the winter intake starts in January and the spring/summer intake usually starts around May. The intake you choose will determine when you should start your application.

4. Start the process early

Don’t rush the application process. You’ll need to provide documents such as transcripts and English proficiency tests. Each school also requires students to write personal statements. You’re likely to submit a better application which will lead to an acceptance if you take your time building it.

5. Plan your life after school

If you intend to become a permanent resident, you should start planning before going to school in Canada. Decide what industry you want to work in and which province is best for jobs in that area. Plan your school activities around your future expectations. The more strategic you are, the easier it will be for you to settle in.

Studying in a Canadian university will put you at an advantage and will open the door to many opportunities.  Make the decision today, and reach out to our licensed consultants for assistance.

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