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British Columbia Tech Pilot becomes a permanent immigration program

british columbia tech pilot
Photo: Unsplash/Aditya Chinchure

Prospective immigrants to Canada have been granted yet another means of access into the country through the British Columbia Tech Pilot. The pilot was supposed to end in June but has now been extended indefinitely. 

The program was initially launched four years ago as part of efforts to provide British Columbia’s booming tech industry with access to foreign talent in areas where the local workforce fell short.

“The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Tech Pilot is being extended indefinitely, ensuring continued support for the tech sector and addressing workforce needs by prioritizing 29 in-demand tech occupations,” the provincial government announced .

“We will continue priority processing, weekly tech draws, and concierge support for tech employers. Occupations will be periodically reviewed and may be subject to change,” the announcement added.

Following the decision, British Columbia will change the name of the program from British Columbia Tech Pilot to the BC PNP Tech Program. Applicants are required to have a valid job in any of the 29 eligible occupations before being considered. 

The 29 eligible occupations under the program include computer and information systems managers, managers in publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts, engineers, computer programmers and interactive media developers, web designers and developers, authors and writers, editors, graphic designers and illustrators etc.

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