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Types of Canadian work permits you should know

Canadian work permits
Photo: Pexels/Andre Furtado

Canadian work permits are a requirement for every foreigner who wants to work in the country. Canada is not only a prime immigration destination, it’s also a great place to build a career. Most industries in Canada are growing quickly and need qualified employees to cover up labour shortages. 

The current Canadian work force can’t fill up all the job openings so the country is eager to bring in foreigners and immigrants to take these jobs. There are two major Canadian work permits you should know about. They are:

Open work permits 

Employer-specific work permits

Open work permits

An open work permit is one which allows you to take a job with any employer in Canada, except for a few restrictions in the adult entertainment industry. 

This category of Canadian work permits is available for only a certain group of eligible people. They include: international students who graduated from a Canadian university and their spouses or partners, people who have applied for permanent residence in Canada and their dependents, temporary resident permit holders etc.

Employer-specific work permits

An employer-specific work permit, as the name implies, only allows you to work for one employer who will be specified on the permit. This type of work permit will also usually provide a time limit and a duration for your term of employment. 

To understand your options and the process of getting a work permit, reach out to our licensed consultants today.

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