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Alberta Immigration Opportunities

Alberta Fastracks New Tech-Worker Pathway!

Great news for Tech Workers!

Under the Accelerated Tech Pathway, tech professionals from across Canada and overseas can become permanent residents in as little as six months if they have a job offer in an in-demand tech industry occupation.

This new pathway was announced on January 13 with the hope it will make attracting tech talent to the booming industry in Alberta a little easier, by fast-tracking the process of getting a permanent residence.

Let’s take a closer look at the requirements in the Accelerated Tech Pathway.

How Does It Work?

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program requires eligible candidates to submit information about their  Express Entry profile, job offer, and company (AINP). The information given will be evaluated, and suitable candidates will be invited to apply for provincial nominations.

How To Apply?

The application procedure for the Accelerated Tech Pathway can be broken down into three steps:

  • Create an Express Entry profile: We’ll help you fill out a form for the  Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program so you can be approved into the Express Entry candidate pool.
  • Fill out the Eligibility Form: After meeting the minimum qualifying requirements for the Alberta Express Entry Stream, you’ll be invited to apply for a provincial nomination.
  • Apply for the Accelerated Tech Pathway: Completed applications are added to a list of people who qualify. The AINP examines these applications for a provincial nomination.

Do You Want to Apply for the Accelerated Tech Pathway to Alberta?

Let’s get you started with a job interview, eligibility assessment, and more. We’d be happy to help you achieve your plans of immigrating to Canada.

You can easily reach out to us to book a session and you can also read more from our articles page

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