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4 Coldest Provinces in Canada!

Canada, the northernmost country in North America, has put some icy days and frigid nights on record. Here’s a glance at 4 provinces and territories which will send a chill down your spine.


Nunavut takes the title as one of the coldest places in Canada. Eureka, Nunavut, is said to be the coldest with an average yearly temperature of −3.5 °F or -19.7 °C. Yikes, it generally stays below zero, there!

Source: Phenomenal Globe Travel


Yukon is also home to icy temperatures. This territory lies between Alaska & the Northwest Territories and is said to have the coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada.

Source: Ruta-Patagonia


While the province of Alberta is further south than Canada’s three territories, it does border on the Northwest Territories. Located beside the wide-open prairies of Saskatchewan, and without many large bodies of water nearby to regulate its temperatures. As such, it also can grow to be quite cold.

Source: Hike Bike Travel


Back in 1923, Doucet, Quebec dipped right down to −66 °F, (−54.4 °C), a particular record low within the country. Many other winters in this province have seen chilly temperatures.

Source: Orbitz

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