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The questions listed below are the most frequently asked questions. If it doesn't answer your question, use our AI chat system or click other options below

Immigration Consultants have specialized knowledge and experience in immigration law, policies and procedures. Charging for consultations allows immigration consultants at Magnum Insight to dedicate the necessary time and attention to your immigration goals, assess your eligibility and provide personalized advice and suggestions based on the specific circumstances. By investing in a consultation, clients can expect a focused and tailored experience, where we can provide valuable insights, expertise, and personalized recommendations.

The HSWPP is a pathway that provides caregivers/ health care workers the opportunity to become permanent residents after they have worked for 12 months in Canada.

HSWPP is a 2 in 1 application. PR and work permit applications would be submitted simultaneously. Kindly note that presently, we are no longer processing HSWPP applications.

There is no fixed amount. One has to have enough funds that can cover for the whole immigration process and show financial capability to sustain one’s family throughout One’s validity of stay in Canada. Tailored breakdown of a client’s immigration goals would often give a better perspective in terms of estimate during a consultation.

roof of funds and proof of home ties are a requirement when applying for a work/permit visa to Canada. However, if you plan on relocating alone, Proof of funds MAY not be required.

The most in-demand jobs in Canada are Menial jobs, Health care roles and IT related roles. However, since jobs are obtained based on availability of openings, positions in other sectors are in demand from time to time.

There are list of schools in Canada eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) and it is advisable they are designated learning institutions. We made a post on how to identify DLIs that offer PGWP. Kindly check our Instagram page.

Depending on the pathway, Processing time can take from 6-24 months.

No, we don't have a physical office in Nigeria yet. We have an office in Canada, while we efficiently operate virtually across select African countries, India, Saudi Arabia, and China.

Sure. There are other Immigration pathways. We can help by assessing your eligibility to apply for different pathways to Canada besides the work permit route.

You can confirm whether an Immigration Consultant/Consulting firm is legitimate or not by checking the official website of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). This is the body charged with registration and regulation of Immigration Consultants in Canada.

Yes, you can immigrate with family. Your application would be filed showing that you as the primary applicant has dependents. Dependents can only be legal spouses, biological and/or legally adopted children.

ou don't necessarily need an invitation letter to travel to Canada as a visitor. An invitation letter is required if your purpose of travel is to visit a friend or family, attend a conference or training etc. But if you have other purpose e.g vacation, an invitation letter wouldn’t be required but a document to proof such purpose.

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